Self-taught artist specialized in airbrushing. His first steps in art were at the Nacional
Ceramic School. He uses the airbrushing technique on different supports. He actively
participates in art salons nationwide in Argentina. Also, he holds individual and collective exhibitions nationwide, and has participated in Mexico.

“The airbrushing technique allows me a very particular texture, especially on black backgrounds like much of my work. Each of my works has its particularity, it was made at a
special moment and gave me satisfaction.

The canvas allows me an intimacy that the mural, bodypaint and tattoo do not offer me.”

“My goal is to improve myself and take on new challenges within my style, embracing and betting on my vocation.
The important thing for me is to let ourselves be carried away by what we are passionate about, it's that simple, then everything falls into place and one enjoys this beautiful journey that moves us towards constant search, which is the driving force of every artist.”

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