Yas Cohen is an Argentine visual artist and psychologist. Specialist in Trauma and management of patients with suicidal behavior; She expreses this in her art as the dark counterpoint of certain strokes of her work. Painting for Yas is an alchemical formula where she transforms that pain, with which she lives daily, into color and life. Her artistic production is a reflection of this, as she paints when she is happy, motivated and enthusiastic, thus capturing her vibrant energy.

“My art is colorful but without forgetting that part of living is suffering, my world of color coexists with black and my pointed lines are a reminder that darkness and color can coexist in a perfect balance

Art amuses me, it gives me great satisfaction to think of art as a way of constantly designing. I am interested in the fusion between the colorful and the neutral. The fabrics and the prints inspire me. My love of fashion gives me an endless source of ideas.”

“Why art? Because it allows me not to be present… Simply this style enables me to let myself go without orienting myself in the results.”

“Creat without stopping before you give up and you will not give up.”

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