Music and painting have always been the inspiration of Mariano and has realized, some time ago, that he felt the need to give his work a deeper meaning and connection with their inner new feelings…It was like a spiritual process for him that led the fusion of his two passions: paintings hyperrealism and The Beatles.

Today he awares that this fusion is not a casual one, it expresses his heartfelt gratitude to the arts, and most of all, to these four Liverpool Rockstar that are part of his life today and have been ever since he was fourteen years old.

He believes Beatles´s paintings are a reflexion of his feelings and also his way to immortalize their story.

In his exhibition “Art Beats” among his work, and his favorite is the one where is mentions Sargent Pepper.

As can be seen, his work is accompanied by an electronic device and a headset, since the person who observes the work can also listen to the music in which the artist was inspired to make it, trying not only to see his work.

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